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Back in 1971 Melvin (Mike) Cable built himself a control kit for his welding machine. As the men begin to see his kit they ask him to make one for them and that is how Cable Control Kits begin their business. As Mike, his wife, Shirley and son Kerry traveled from home to job and then from job to job they made the kits. They would mail the kits out from wherever they were working, either via UPS or US mail service. As the men would see a welder with a Cable Control Kit they would get the number off the box or be given a business card and order one for themselves. When Shirley began to stay home with her parents she began to mail them out from her home. Mike would make up hundreds of them during his off time so she wouldn't run out of kits. After Mike and Shirley divorce her son Kerry began to work for her full time. They both run the business now and you can call and order from either one of them. Also the welders can come by the business and have a kit installed on their machines.

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